C Plath Venus H Compass 1° Card

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C Plath Venus H Compass 1° Card




Item Condition                        

Brand new factory sealed


Product Features

  • Balanced for use in northern and southern hemispheres
  • 6 lubber lines: 5 yellow and 1 curved, 1 shadow pin for relative bearing
  • Glass dome blocks UV rays
  • Corrosion resistant anodized aluminum, power-coated housing
  • Red glare-free illumination for 12 volt (24 volt by special request)
  • Dished card with clear 1 ° graduation
  • Accuracy of indication: less than or equal to 1 °
  • Lag error: less than or equal to 2 °s
  • Oscillation period: greater than or equal to 4.7 seconds
  • Temperature range: -22 °s F to 158 °s F
  • Corresponds with the ISO norm for commercial shipping
  • Certified by GL (Notified Body 0098) according to the requirements 96/98/EC in accordance with module B and D (Wheelmark)


Product Description

This premium German-made Venus H Compass with a 1 degree card is for use on large motor and sailing yachts. It is easy-to-read no matter where you are; whether cruising in the northern or southern hemispheres. There is no compass dip; the compass card will remain flat. This compass is unique because the heading graduations are marked every ° on the compass card instead of the normal 5 ° graduations. This compass is made by C. Plath and features a full spherical construction with an internal gimbal system that accommodates all angles of heel without compromising accuracy. The oscillation-free double bottom compensates for volumetric changes. The black housing is seawater resistant and made of a light alloy. The super-strong glass dome is insensitive to ultraviolet rays, and is guaranteed for life against cracking, crazing, and yellowing under normal use. The accuracy of indication, lag error, and oscillation period all exceed the International Organization of Standards norm. Additionally, the vibration resistance of this compass exceeds requirements of BSH (German Hydrographic Institute). The Venus H compass can be flush mounted in cockpit floors, helm stations, decks, or steering pedestals.


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